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Knowledge Base

1. Will the app be free to use?

The WeState app is entirely free to use.

2. Where can I download the app?

The WeState app is available to download from Google Play Store.

3. Will the app be available for both Android and IOS devices to use?

At the moment Android version is only available, however IOS version is currently been planned.

4. Will there be new updates to the app?

With market feedback further new modules and features will are in the pipeline – please visit our news page for more information

5. What is a DataCap ID?

DataCap ID is no different from a user ID or username. However once you have registered, other services provided by DataCap on top of WeState can be used with the same DataCap ID.

6. What are Estate Communities?

Estate Communities are designated groups where residences of each community can share, interact and receive information about where they live via the WeState app.

7. Who manages these Estate Communities?

Each estate community are managed by users who have registered into that Estate, thus forming a Public Estate Community

8. What is the difference between an Public Estate Community and a Private Estate Community?

Public estate community is not managed by anyone, and is free for anyone to join. Once a estate community becomes private – it will be managed by the management of that estate.

9. What Estates are available for me to join on WeState?

WeState offers all Estates as an individual community, regardless if they are private or local estates in Hong Kong. However if you cannot find your estate during account registration – please contact us: enquiry@datacap.com.hk

10. Will I need to share my personal details or real name if I use WeState?

For security, you will be only required to registered with just an email address. You will be able to create a DataCap ID (user ID) which will be used to identify you – rest assured no personal details or real names will be shared with others.