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WeState provides two community options for users to use within one dedicated app; public estate and private estate.

Public & Private Estate Communities


The public community offers residents an option to start their own community group and share information using our Estate App. The public community is open to anyone to join and to contribute to their estate or residence, from events, trips, repairs to activities. The control and maintaining is down to members to contribute and manage others. There is no sole owner or admin.


Whereas the public community options allows anyone, residents, outsiders etc, to join and participate into that Estate’s community, the private community has to be officially activated and verified by either a estate’s management or committee. Private communities provide official announcements and maintained by that estate’s management. Public communities if started by residents and others may be changed to private communities if a request is submitted by that estate’s management. Change to a private community will only be granted if DataCap verifies that the request is from the estate’s management. Estate management will be allowed to delete content and approve members into their community (e.g. verifying new members are actual residents).