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DataCap Computer Solutions Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "DataCap") is the developer and owner of ‘WeState’ app. DataCap is a leading provider of integrated solutions in data collection. We're a Hong Kong based company and the founders have over 14 years’ experience in the data collection industry. We offer a board range of solutions to government departments, education institutions and enterprises from various industries, enabling them to manage their data in a more meaningful and effective way.

WeState aims to provide estate and resident community owners with "one-stop" online-offline convenient services by using the internet technology within the housing and estate environment.

DataCap plans to develop the estate and property community service by providing diversified, convenient and accurate communication and life services to communities, to meet all requirements of community users in basic necessities, household, health, social and other aspects. Also, it promotes a strong community O2O platform covering such area as property service, neighborhood social, and life service, etc.

DataCap’s WeState provides an "one-stop" mobile solution that maintenance, community information, online feedback and other functional modules that users can shared easily and efficiently with other residents, estate management, and responsible committees. Users can be kept up to date directly with what is happening around their home from the mobile device.

DataCap will maximize the advantage of resource integration to create an innovative "one-stop" modern community service estate app platform and become a national or even global "one-stop" community O2O platform with the biggest user traffic, best service and excellent experience.