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We believe developing the WeState App can offer a single platform community where notices, information regardless of events, trips, maintenance and news can be easily transferred from resident to resident and provides communication straight to and from management. This app means that announcements can be directly received on to your mobile device wherever you are, so you won’t miss out on the latest notices from your estate. Management can now manage their flow of information more efficiently with reduction of paper printouts and delayed broadcasts.

Your Estate, Your Information

Residents, management and committee are kept up to date with the latest events, repairs, and news in and around their estate

Bringing Residents & Management Closer

Whether you are at home or on the go, notices from your estate are delivered live to your mobile app regardless where you are.

Building a Community

Interaction is what makes the WeState, easy to use and easy to share with others information and news about where you live.

Protect Your Environment - Go Paperless

Reduce the need for printout and posting notices in and around the estate premises.

New Modules, New Features

WeState is not just about announcements; we are actively working towards adding new features that will not only benefit residents but also estate management and the committee.